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Bakersfield Endodontics

Bakersfield, CA


General Information


Having been in the dental field for over 25 years, and in the field of endodontics over 15, I have met many practitioners in all dental specialties and in different capacities. Dr. Ching Wang has been one of such colleagues, when he moved to Bakersfield to practice at Bakersfield Endodontic Associates. It did not take long to realize that Dr. Wang was a gifted clinician, and a humble man. Although soft spoken, Dr. Wang’s endodontic treatment speaks very loud and clear. Being in the field, and having insight on endodontic treatment, there are few clinicians that I would trust to treat me and my family. Dr. Wang, without a doubt, belongs to that list of endodontics. I would recommend Dr. Wang without any reservation, knowing that he will make me, the referring doctor look good. Dr. Wang not only talks the talk, but surely also walks the walk. I am glad there are endodontists of Dr. Wang’s caliber.

Dr. Nishan Odabashian,

Past President,

California State Association of Endodontists

Dr. Wang is a gifted endodontist that make all his peers proud and serves as an example of excellence.

Dr. Peter Z. Tawil,
Director of Post-graduate Endodontic Program at the Unversity of North Caroline

Dr. Wang does beautiful work.  His attention to detail is impeccable!

Dr. J. McIntyre,

an endodontist in private practice

You performed a root canal on one of my teeth on December 14.  I wanted you to know that everything turned out fine.  I have had the tooth filled by my general dentist.  You were kind enough to call and leave a message for me on the 14th inquiring wheather I was experiencing any discomfort and leaving me a telephone number I could call if a problem with the tooth arose.  I actually had no discomfort following the procedure and did not need to take any pain medications.  Dr. S told me when he referred me to your office that the best endodontists in town are "right next door".  He was right.  I appreciate your professionalism and that of your staff as well as your expression of interest in my recovery following the root canal.  Thanks again. 

Very truly yours,

Mark N.

I want to thank you and your wonderful staff, Dr. Wang, for helping me with my tooth yesterday.  I didn’t realize how painful it had become until today when I realized that I wasn’t hurting anymore.  Even the aftereffects of the root canal feel relatively painless considering what I had been dealing with before.  I feel like my energy level has returned to normal because I am no longer dealing with constant pain. 

- Bette B.

I have terrible anxiety about the dentist office.  Everyone was very sweet and accomodating to my needs.  I even heard the lady at the front desk re-assuring a patient on the phone that she wouldn't be in pain during her procedure.

- Kathryn K.

Thank you - the support staff were very kind.  Dr. Wang was very patient & made me feel that my comfort was important.

- Vickie W.

I just got back from my vacation and I wanted to thank you all again for staying super late and helping me and my crazy tooth! I was pain free during my vacation and it was wonderful.  Thank you.


- E.C.

Yesterday I was refered to Dr. Wang by my dentist Dr. Man.  This was my first root canal ever, so naturally I was a bit apprehensive as to what all was going to take place.  Dr. Wang and his assistant Elizabeth, were excellent at putting me at ease and explaining all that was going to take place.  The complete process took 1 1/2 hrs. and the actual "operation" couldn't have been more than 20 minutes.  This was a "Through the Crown" procedure, and was painless.  It was very obvious to me that Dr. Wang really knew his stuff, even though he looked only 16 years old.  I was so impressed with the whole experience, that IF I ever have to have this type of root canal done again, I will drive from the Central Coast to use him again.  The following day, I went for my dental cleaning (by coincidence), and the hygenist was very impressed by the quality of the crown filling that was done.  No need for another crown.

Larry M.

I saw Dr. Wang as an emergency patient and was very happy they got me right in. The staff was great and I had a very short wait before going back for an evaluation. In short order, he confirmed I needed a root canal and began the work. He explained what he was going to do, completed the work and showed me the finished work x-ray. I cant say it was without pain, but I am happy with the results. My tooth is now pain free!!

Bean B.

You can trust Dr. Wang.  He explains your options thoroughly.  Excellent at what he does.  The staff are experienced, friendly and professional.  5-Stars!

Barry O.

On our first visit Dr. Wang tested my daughter's tooth thoroughly and made sure the tooth was actually dead.  He explained exactly what procedure he recommended (root canal) and options to hold off.  We did end up having the procedure.  Dr. Wang made her feel comfortable and confident in the procedure.  He explained everything he was going to do and answered any questions.  The procedure was quick and painless.  The staff were very kind and answered all the questions she had.  They were clearly most concerned with her care and comfort.  They whole process was smooth and easy with an excellent result.  Thanks Dr. Wang!

Jody B.

To Dr. Wang & his wonderful assistants and office ladies,

I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel so comfortable with my 4 visits!  I've never had to return so many times but so glad I was referred to Dr. Wang.  My tooth feels so much better.  If I ever return to living in CA, I'll be back.  So, maybe see you again.

Take care and thanks again.

J. Martino